Temp To Hire Positions

What are Temp To Hire Positions?

Temp to Hire positions are just that, temporary employees that are being considered for full-time status. These positions are increasingly popular among employers, and there is considerable skepticism regarding the practice. Here at Falcon ITSS, we work with clients that have a high temp to hire rating. In fact, 3 out of 4 of our placements benefit from a permanent position. View our open positions here.

What Should You Know?

Was this a permanent position already or is this a new role. If the position was permanent before, it is quite likely that it will be again.

If this is a new role, the company may be experimenting if the role is needed permanently. However, oftentimes a person brings more value to a company then the title attached to that person. If the company can benefit from having YOU in the company, then you better believe you’ll be a permanent employee.

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