Finding IT Jobs can be challenging, but they shouldn’t be

You think that finding IT jobs would be easy, considering it’s the 2nd fastest growing industry in the world. Many of you reading this right now are probably looking for job yourself. Well let us know explain to you what people are doing wrong.

1.Inefficient Strategy

Your time is too valuable to waste on a job search where 9/10 times you’re looking for the wrong jobs that don’t even fit your qualifications. If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone and explore different areas of your field, make sure your current skills and experiences can relate to the hiring companies requirements.

We recommend using the “T” Formatted cover letter to attach to your resume. This type of cover letter will allow you to list your qualifications right next to the companies requirements.

2. Poor Resume for IT jobs

You’re resume is usually your first impression (unless you’re found on LinkedIn, then it might be your hair), you’ll need to find your competitive edge. Have your resume viewed by a knowledgable IT recruiter, so that you can stand out. Think of an HR company has a search engine; you want your resume to have the right keywords companies are searching for, thats your competitive edge.

3. No Access to the IT Best Companies

Your resume qualifies you, your cover letter has no misspelled words, but you haven’t gotten an interview. The problem isn’t that you’re not qualified, its because you don’t have the connections. You might be connected through LinkedIn, but that doesn’t mean you’re “connected.”

Engage an IT Recruiting Firm

Engaging with Falcon ITSS, will help save you time and stress by matching you with jobs in our database that you’re already qualified for. We’ll review your resume and make sure you’re not missing any of the right keywords for your specific job application. Then we’ll use our relationships with the businesses we recruit for to land you’re next career.


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