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Healthcare Information Technology 

The exciting world of Healthcare Information Technology has already made tremendous improvements in the healthcare industry, and as technology evolves further, even greater improvements are certain to be realized. With increased efficiency, lower costs, fewer errors, and much improved patient satisfaction, the contribution which I.T. has made to the medical industry has been a game-changer already, with even more exciting possibilities on the horizon, Healthcare IT jobs on are on the rise.

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The centerpiece of Health Information Technology 

One of the single biggest areas of improvement in healthcare these days is in Electronic Medical Records, which are the official standardized health records for any given patient. The sharing of these records between multiple health organizations and providers has enabled the delivery of much more accurate information where it’s needed, and this in turn, allows for vastly improved patient outcomes. In addition, medical records can be maintained and analyzed at a Health Information Exchange, which is a kind of clearinghouse for medical records, so that mountains of data can be analyzed, with the result that trends and patterns can be identified, and more appropriate treatments can be recommended.

Coming innovations 

Undoubtedly, the continued evolution of shared electronic medical records will lead to even better patient treatment, and better understanding in the medical community about the likeliest outcomes for any given medical condition, relative to specific treatment programs. However, another aspect of Healthcare Information Technology is on the cusp of revolutionizing healthcare in this country, and around the globe – that of telemedicine.

Given the fact that there is a shortage of physicians looming in the U.S. of approximately 100,000 doctors by the year 2025, the potential for telemedicine to fill the gap in medical care couldn’t come at a better time. While the majority of telemedicine sessions are currently conducted via telephone, in the near future far more will be conducted via high-definition video-conferencing, which will allow for many more conditions to be evaluated by doctors during these sessions. Virtually every city in America already has some telemedicine capability, and there is little doubt that within just a few years, the partnership between I.T. and the healthcare industry will yield even greater rewards through the burgeoning field of telemedicine.

Career Opportunities

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