Overworking yourself?

Are We Overworking? According to a few studies, our workforce is overworking, working harder than ever, leading to longer work hours, increased stressed and a reduction in physical activity, all of which are bad for our overall well being. Studies done by the University College London, which looked at 85,000 workers, indicated a correlation between overwork […]

Healthcare IT Jobs are Increasing in Demand

Healthcare IT and Emerging Jobs Healthcare Information Technology  The exciting world of Healthcare Information Technology has already made tremendous improvements in the healthcare industry, and as technology evolves further, even greater improvements are certain to be realized. With increased efficiency, lower costs, fewer errors, and much improved patient satisfaction, the contribution which I.T. has made […]

Hiring The Right Account Manager

Hiring An Account Manager Hiring an Account Manager can often times be a long and stressful process. Typically Account Managers are the face of a new deal or client so it is important to screen the candidate multiple times. Screening the candidate multiple times will ensure that they are always prepared and not just good […]

The Power of a # during your Job Hunt

Job Hunt With a “#” The Power of Social Media Not interested in using paid recruiting systems like Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed, or ZipRecruiter during your job hunt? Well, you do have a LinkedIn Account…right? Good, You have a Facebook account too, right? Perfect, then this article is relevant to you and will help during your job […]


Temp To Hire Positions What are Temp To Hire Positions? Temp to Hire positions are just that, temporary employees that are being considered for full-time status. These positions are increasingly popular among employers, and there is considerable skepticism regarding the practice. Here at Falcon ITSS, we work with clients that have a high temp to […]